Beam Specialist Industrial Sweeper for Industry and Airports:


Beam is the world's leading manufacturer of specialist sweepers and high pressure washing equipment, for applications such as rubber removal, stand cleaning, high speed runway sweeping, high performance cleaning of motor sport circuits, road construction, porous asphalt and ultra high performance supa jetting.

Our largest machine is the ultimate Beam jet vac S1400 rotor cleaner. This machine has the latest in rotor cleaner technology which is rear mounted using 4 rotating spray bars covering the whole width of the vehicle with full width suction. It is completely enclosed ensuring no water seepage and a high vacuum that collects all the water and waste.

This very high specification machine has water storage of 8500 Ltrs and a payload of 12 m3. Together with the new rotor cleaner system it achieves superior results using lower volumes of water which allows the vehicle to stay jetting for over 2 hours non stop reducing the cost of fuel, waste disposal and allows for more on station time. 

Vehicle specs:    

  • Volvo FM 4 410 HP 6x2 rear steer euro 6 & Johnston beam S1400
  • Dual Sweep:                     
  • High Pressure equipment:           280 bar @ 74 ltr/min
  • Rotor Cleaner system mounted behind rear axle including wide suction                      
  • Side sliding brush                        up to 750 mm
  • Side sliding brush gear                up to 400 mm
  • Edge cutter:                              
  • Hopper capacity:                        12 m3
  • Water capacity:                          8500 Ltrs
  • Reverse camera system:             
  • Revers radar sensor:                     
  • Reverse white noise alarm:          
  • Front and rear safety LED lighting: